Publishing Services

Enhance your public exposure, sales or any other goal with:

► Skillfully written, edited, designed and published articles, flyers, advertising copy, scripts, books or website/social media content.

An audio video presentation produced in the internet streaming format and/or physical CD and DVD format.

Great-looking graphics created specifically to enhance your message.

► Any combination of the above. Online versions of these things in particular are more likely to be discovered, noticed and reviewed — and passed along to others.

MediaBear can advise and assist with all aspects of your project. We're ready to listen and work with you.

Here are a few examples of published works:

► National Health Lottery
We worked closely with a client to create and publish a timely, new book, entitled "National Health Lottery: A New Way to Fund Health Insurance." We assisted in the creation of the content and production of his book, making it available both in paperback and online. It is now available worldwide on Amazon and can be ordered at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. To visit,
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► Put the Water in the Bucket
This 30-minute instructional video for fire sprinkler inspectors remains in use today nationwide after having been produced years ago. Ask a MediaBear representative for a sample video — and how the project was creatively funded.


► Have You Hugged Your Fume Hood Today?
This comprehensive instructional project included a training video ("Have You Hugged Your Fume Hood Today?") along with a companion publication ("The Fume Hood Pocket Manual"). The kit also featured a number of handouts, posters and articles. A MediaBear representative will be pleased to show you the whole package, and how it was used effectively as a public relations too

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