Publishing Services

Enhance your public exposure, sales or any other goal with:

► Skillfully written, edited, designed and published articles, flyers, advertising copy, scripts, books or website/social media content.

An audio video presentation produced in the internet streaming format and/or physical CD and DVD format.

Great-looking graphics created specifically to enhance your message.

► Any combination of the above. Online versions of these things in particular are more likely to be discovered, noticed and reviewed — and passed along to others.

MediaBear can advise and assist with all aspects of your project. We're ready to listen and work with you.

Here are a few examples of published works: 

► Put the Water in the Bucket
This 30-minute instructional video for fire sprinkler inspectors remains in use today nationwide after having been produced years ago. Ask a MediaBear representative for a sample video — and how the project was creatively funded.


► Have You Hugged Your Fume Hood Today?
This comprehensive instructional project included a training video ("Have You Hugged Your Fume Hood Today?") along with a companion publication ("The Fume Hood Pocket Manual"). The kit also featured a number of handouts, posters and articles. A MediaBear representative will be pleased to show you the whole package, and how it was used effectively as a public relations too

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