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Getting a new viewpoint on something you're already doing (or thinking about doing) is always worthwhile. MediaBear offers independent consulting services — We will work with you to refine and maximize your  existing assets and strategies.

We can consult with you before you reach an impasse or take a wrong turn. We can provide useful ideas on how to communicate effectively in many ways that can help you reach your goals.

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A MediaBear-produced website can encourage visitors to keep coming back for more. Here are three tips on how to make your website more memorable:

1. Use videos and original story content to enhance your site. Create your own short videos or post those produced by others (while providing a credit link back to the original source). Original stories and articles will get you noticed by the search engines and keep people coming back to your site for more.

2. To get inspired, consider what others have done to get noticed.  Visit two popular online sources of videos:
YouTube and DailyMotion. As you watch, consider how using a little humor can be effective. And, if you dare, be open to being bolder than your rivals and competitors. It can make your site stand out from the crowd.

3. Make some part of your website a local area portal or news aggregator. The best way to get your website noticed is to provide original content. To augment your works, provide links to articles and columns written by others.

You can quote other sources on your website, even using a small amount of their copy. To avoid copyright infringement, provide a the link to the original on the web page where you found it. Just because an article is posted on the Internet does not mean you are permitted to copy more than a small amount of it onto your website without getting permission from the copyright owner.

There are a lot of images and pictures floating around on the internet. Some are in the public domain and others are not — and much of the time it is impossible to tell which it is. So to be safe (and courteous), if you use some "found images", you should post some sort of credit line beside them on your page or provide a link back to the page where you found the image.

The general rule of thumb the courts have allowed (so far) is that if you are notified that you are using copyrighted material you should immediately remove that material from you website and apologize for your mistake. Doing this will demonstrate good faith and the chances of you being charged or convicted of infringement are negligible (so far).

NOTICE ► The information on this page is an overview and should not be considered legal advice. When necessary, consult with a legal professional about the specifics of your situation.

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