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MediaBear sells ready-to-go, easy-to use, WebsiteBaker open-source websites — with the domain name included.

In doing so, a business owner or nonprofit manager can immediately benefit from a good-looking, easy-to-use, stable, powerful website. MediaBear helps you be seen.

MediaBear has done all the work for you on the technical side. You can get started immediately. Simply learn how to use MediaBear's customized, stable, open source editor. With a few lessons from MediaBear, you'll be off and running. You just add the content you want without incurring additional expense.

MediaBear can help your company or organization start your own online publishing venture. One that is affordable, powerful and easy to use.

If you are a small business, nonprofit, or an individual on a mission, MediaBear can help you be heard effectively with a wonderful, professional website.

You can choose from a wide range of designs and colors from our gallery of WebsiteBaker-powered, ready-to-go websites. MediaBear helps you tell your story effectively with photos, words, music and videos.

The "For the People" Net Neutrality Act has become the law of the land. This is a good thing for the Little Guy. This means a small business or aspiring organization can publish online with the certainty of knowing that their voice — as well as their products and services — can be heard and supported.

The Internet is not just an arena for the Big Guys. With Net Neutrality the Internet will remain a place for everyone, large and small, to prosper. The adage, "build it and they will come," remains a real possibility.

So score one for the Little Guy with a MediaBear website. This is your time to be heard loud and clear in a professional way.

Put it out there, and you have a chance of being heard. That's what online freedom of speech is all about.

With a MediaBear website, you will experience technical quality through and through.

And the more proficient you become in using our editor, increasingly you will appreciate the power and thoughtfulness we have built into it to allow you to enjoy a hassle-free website.

In fact, the MediaBear way of doing business with its customers has taken website development to the next level.

Each site melds practicality and affordability. Our creativity is superb. Our business acumen is superior, and our business ethics are above reproach.

Our primary goal is to help you achieve your goal. It's a win-win situation.

Simply put, you're in control of your website destiny when you purchase a MediaBear website, because we view each customer as a friend, NOT the enemy.

So give yourself a shot at the big time with a wonderful MediaBear website. And be assured that you will be putting your best foot forward to the world.

As time goes on, you will better understand we have provided you with a great communications launchpad. Each site we sell or lease offers great flexibility. For years to come, you will be able to improve and evolve your website design and content.

And your technical team will be pleased. They will appreciate what MediaBear has provided for both you and them.

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1. MediaBear creates fully integrated, easy-to-use and highly effective websites for its clients to purchase at truly affordable prices. 

2. MediaBear offers a complete website development package at a fixed price, with no surprises or hidden charges. The package may be extended or customized as needed by you or your technical team.

3. MediaBear professionals and affiliates provide personal, hands-on service and telephone support to get you started. As part of the basic development package, our technical team works closely with you to choose the design look and color combinations that you want.

4. MediaBear technicians teach its customers how to use a powerful, but easy-to-use Content Management System that MediaBear has customized and built into each of its ready-to-go website.

5. Right from the start, MediaBear's initial consultations allows all customers to have total control of their website or portfolio of websites. That is, the customized open-source MediaBear editing tool enables customers to add to and expand their sites at their own pace and to meet their own needs, be it simple or complex.

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MediaBear specializes in professional writing, editing and content creation, including the written word, photographs, audio, and digital video.

We provide discrete, well-researched, original content creation for our clients in any venue.

This includes ghostwritten columns, feature articles, in-depth interviews, books, training manuals, pamphlets, workbooks and video scripts. Be assured that client discretion and confidentiality are paramount at MediaBear.

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MediaBear provides publishing services for all types of media.

We can help you get published in print and online, as well as audio and video.

Our team has been working in communications and marketing for over 30 years. We stay current with all new developments, while maintaining our expertise in traditional markets and distribution outlets.

Mediabear maintains a suite of websites that have high search presence on Google to provide informational and marketing opportunities for our clients. We specialize in hybrid projects, combining online and print campaigns.

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MediaBear provides advertising opportunities on a number of its websites.

We can help you get your message out at affordable rates on our websites that have high visibility on the major browsers, including Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google and Yahoo.

Many of our websites have been up and running for over ten years. This alone gives us high visibility; time is something you cannot buy. We continue to add content to our key websites. This combination along with many technical aspects has kept MediaBear websites in the game so you can stay in the game as an advertiser.

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